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Tattoo Consent Form

Health Declaration

Please read & fill out the entire form.

Statements of Consent.

I have truthfully represented to Amonara Creations that I am over 18 years of age or have my parent/ guardians consent.

I acknowledge that it is not reasonably possible for my artist to determine whether I might have an allergic reaction to the dyes, pigments, or processes used in my tattoo, and agree to accept the risk that such a reaction is possible.

I acknowledge that I have advised my tattoo artist of any conditions that ay affect the healing of this tattoo.  I do not have medical or skin conditions such as, but not limited to: acne, scarring (keloid), eczema, psoriasis, freckles, moles, or sunburn in the area that may interfere with my tattoo.  If I have any type of infection or rash anywhere on my body, I will advise the tattoo artist and accept potential risk that may occur if any skin conditions such as the ones stated are applicable if I chose to go forward with my tattoo.

I am not pregnant or nursing.

I am not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

I acknowledge that infection is always possible as a result of obtaining a tattoo, particularly in the event that i do not take proper care of my tattoo.  I have read through the aftercare instructions provided by my artist and I agree to follow them while my tattoo is healing.  I agree that any touch-up work needed, due to my own negligence or conditions, will be done at my own expense.  This includes sun and ultraviolet frequency damage.

I acknowledge that a tattoo is a permanent change to my appearance and that no representations have been made to me as to the ability to later change or remove my tattoo.  To my knowledge I do not have physical, mental, or medical impairment or disability which might affect my well being as a direct or indirect result of my decision to have a tattoo. 

I acknowledge that if my tattoo is a symbol, or something written in a language other than English, the tattoo artist and the owner of the business are not responsible for what it may or may not mean. 

I acknowledge that if my tattoo includes text that I am responsible for the correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  I have proofed the text before it is applied as a tattoo.

I acknowledge that variations in color and design may exist between any tattoo as selected by me and as ultimately applied to my body.  I understand that if my skin color is dark, the colors will not appear as bright as they do on light skin.

I acknowledge the decision for obtaining my tattoo is my own free will and choice.  I consent to the location of the tattoo and the performance of the tattoo procedure. 

I acknowledge and understand that the following designs/ inks/ styles may not hold or heal well.

- Fine Line designs 

- Designs with small detail, tiny lettering, or close together lines

- Tiny Tattoos

- White Ink

- UV Ink

I acknowledge and understand that the following areas of the body may not heal well and are at risk for blow outs or ink fall out.

- Side of finger/ Knuckles/ Palm Tattoos

- Side or bottom of foot or toes

I acknowledge that my tattoo artist is not responsible for covering the cost of any future touch ups 

I acknowledge and agree to following any and all instructions provided to me regarding the maintenance of a sanitary environment while I am being tattooed.

I agree that the tattoo design is correctly drawn to my specifications and I agree to allow for artist interpretation of the image.

I agree to IMMEDIATELY notify the artist if I feel lightheaded, dizzy and/ or faint before, during, or after the procedure.  Failure to do so releases Amonara Creations and my tattoo artist of ALL responsibility.

Please upload a copy of your ID.
Other Form of ID (If Applicable)
Parent/ Guardian's ID

Thanks for submitting!

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