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Frequently Asked Questions

Tattoo Machine

How long will my tattoo take?

- We can give you an idea on how long we think your tattoo will take, however, there are a lot of factors that alter the overall time and cost of a tattoo.  A design that takes 4 hour on one person may take 6 hours on someone else based off of skin type alone.

How much do tattoos cost?

- The standard hourly rate for tattoos by a trained artist in the area is $150-$250 per hour.  We understand that this can be expensive for some and are happy to work with you.  We charge $150 per hour, however we give discounts when booking out a half, full, or extended full days.

Does color take longer then black and grey?

-  Yes,  color makes a HUGE difference when it comes to time.  How much longer the design will take in color vs black and grey will vary based on how many colors are used, how the skin takes the ink, and what style the design is done in. 


Does color hurt more then black and grey?

- Yes, but not necessarily.  Solid black ink will feel about the same, however, the ink molecules in black are smaller than color making it easier and faster to saturate.


Do you tattoo minors?

- Legal age in Idaho with parental consent is 14, however, it depends on the artist. Most artists will not tattoo anyone under the age of 16.


What if I put my appointment date in my calendar wrong and miss my appointment?  Do I still have to pay a 2nd deposit to get back on the schedule?

- Yes, We understand that accidents happen, however, we are still only responsible for mistakes made on our end.  If you no show us on your scheduled date, you cost us money.   Your deposit is only a small amount to makeup for the price hit we take on no shows.  

Is there any time you will provide a refund on a deposit or gift certificate?

- In the event we make a mistake on the schedule or no show you, then we are happy to make it up to you and in that event we will do what we can to get you a refund or at least double the value of your deposit.


What if something comes up such as pregnancy or a financial hit due to an emergency and I have to cancel?  Do I lose my deposit?

- No, as long as you let us know the day before you are protected.  I've held deposits for over a year for clients due to unexpected changes in their life.  We do have a non-refundable policy when it comes to deposits, however, I will honor and hold your deposit as long as you need me to.  

If we have to schedule 3 years later then I will hold your deposit until you are ready.  

We would never want our clients to hurt themselves financially out of worry for losing a deposit.  We understand that permanent alterations to the body are expensive and life happens. We've all been there, we understand, and we do not judge.  We only ask for the respect of an update so we can adjust our schedule accordingly. 

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