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all about tattoos

The Process, & What to expect!

Tattoo Artist - BW

Before your appointment!

  • Hygiene - please shower before your appointment, this helps remove excess skin cells and dirt from the area and helps keep our shop sanitary.

  • Skin prep - Please DO NOT shave or apply lotion to the area getting tattooed after your shower. If the hair length is excessive, for example, mens leg hair or long hair on top of the head, please trim with clippers and leave the clean shaving to your artist.

  • Clothing - Please wear clothing you do not care about that does not get in the way of the area we are tattooing. For women who are getting the ribs or back tattooed, thin stringed bikinis are a good item to bring. Some of us do offer pasties and c-strings just in case.

  • Health - Please get plenty of sleep the night before and make sure you eat and drink plenty of water right before your appointment. 

  • Identification - Please bring a form of Identification for paperwork. Driver’s licenses and passports are acceptable.

  • Other items you may want to bring - Blanket, an extra pair of clothing, snacks, water, headphones.

Tattoo Artist at Work
Tattoo Equipment
Tattoo Equipment

During your appointment!

  • Breathe - It is important to remember to breath while getting tattooed. This prevents fainting and helps with pain.

  • Sit still - Nothing is worse then tattooing someone who can not sit still. If you are someone who has to move while talking, it may be best to bring headphones so you can listen to something that helps keep you calm and preoccupied.

  • Communication - It is important to tell your artist what you need. If you need a brake, to use the restroom, or if you are starting to feel sick let your artist know right away.

After your appointment!

Woman with Tattoos
  • Follow your artists instructions on aftercare. If you forget or have questions on how to take care of your tattoo, please see the aftercare instruction page on this website.

  • Concerns - If you are worried about your tattoo or feel like somethings going wrong please contact your artist immediately.

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